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Honda N-Van Specifications

General Overview

  • Origin: Represents the “next generation light van” as proposed by the N series.
  • Design: A simple, squared body emphasizing functional beauty with distinctive round headlights.
  • Variants: Four primary trim variations – L, G, +STYLE COOL, and +STYLE FUN.

Performance & Drive

  • Engine Options: Derived from Honda’s S-series, available in naturally-aspirated and turbocharged versions.
  • Power: Naturally-aspirated engine produces 39 kW (53 HP) and 64 Nm of torque. The turbocharged variant offers 47 kW (64 HP) and 104 Nm.
  • Transmission: Choice of CVT transmission or a 6-speed manual. Available in both FWD and AWD drivetrains.

Dimensions & Storage

  • Luggage Compartment: 1,510 mm on the left side, 1,330 mm on the right side.
  • Loading: Innovative “door-in-pillar structure” on the passenger’s side for enhanced loading/unloading.
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 350kg.
  • Storage: Able to accommodate 71 boxes (380mm x 310mm x 280mm) or 40 milk/beer crates (447mm x 364mm x 315mm).

Safety & Driving Support

  • Safety System: Features Honda’s proprietary “SENSING” technology.
  • Collision Safety: Employs G-CON (G-Force Control Technology) ensuring optimum safety during collisions.
  • Minimum Turning Radius: Approximately 4.6 to 4.7 meters.

Additional Features

  • Colours: A range of colour options depending on the trim.
  • Standard Equipment for +STYLE FUN Turbo: Equipped with LED headlights, i-SRS airbag system, Honda SENSING, VSA, Hill start assist, and more.

Coming Soon: The N-Van e:

The battery electric variant, “N-Van e:”, is set to hit the market in spring 2024.

The Honda N-Van – Revolutionising City Drives
At Advantage 4 Vans in Bristol, we’re excited to introduce the Honda N-Van, the epitome of functionality, efficiency, and urban style. Whether you’re seeking a reliable commercial vehicle or an innovative city drive, the N-Van delivers.

Overview of Honda N-Van

The Honda N-Van, part of Honda’s renewed lineup of Kei class city cars, defines what the next generation of light vans should be. With its roots tracing back to Honda’s N360 of the 1960s and 1970s, the N-Van is designed for the modern driver who values both functionality and style.

Styling & Design

Honda has always been synonymous with innovative design, and the N-Van is no exception. With its distinctive square body complemented by three horizontal bead lines, the van exudes a blend of ruggedness and charm. Its round headlights and neat front design reflect Honda’s commitment to aesthetic brilliance.

Trim Variations

Tailored to suit diverse needs, the N-Van offers four distinct trim variations:


From the standard offerings of the L and G trims to the advanced features of the +STYLE variants, there’s an N-Van for everyone.

Engine & Performance
Experience unmatched performance with the Honda N-Van’s engine variants optimised for commercial utility. Whether you choose the naturally-aspirated version or the turbocharged trims, you’re guaranteed power, efficiency, and reliability.

Fuel Economy & Efficiency
Fuel efficiency is at the heart of the N-Van. With features like the idle stop function and the ECON mode, it promises both reduced fuel consumption and emissions, making it an eco-friendly choice for the conscious driver.

Luggage & Storage Capabilities

Say goodbye to space constraints. Whether it’s the spacious compartment, the unique door-in-pillar structure, or the 28 utility nuts for custom arrangements, the N-Van ensures you’re always ready, whether it’s for work or an adventure.

Advanced Safety & Driving Support
Safety is paramount, and the N-Van leaves no stone unturned. With the advanced “Honda SENSING” driving support system, features such as collision mitigation brake, lane-keeping support, and auto high beams are standard in select trims.

Colour Options
Express yourself with the N-Van’s range of colour options, from the classic Taffeta White to the vibrant Frame Red. Find the hue that matches your style.

+STYLE FUN Turbo – The Premium Choice
For those seeking the best, the +STYLE FUN Turbo is the pinnacle of luxury and functionality. Equipped with a full digital auto air conditioner, LED headlights, Honda SENSING, and more, it’s the choice for those who demand excellence.

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Honda N-Van
Is the Honda N-Van suitable for both city and longer drives around Bristol?

Certainly! Its design and features cater to the bustling Bristol streets as well as serene drives in the nearby regions.

Can I arrange a test drive in Bristol for the Honda N-Van

Of course. Contact our Advantage 4 Vans location in Bristol, and we'll set up a test drive for you.

How does the Honda N-Van handle different terrains, especially the countryside?

The Honda N-Van is versatile, handling both city streets and challenging terrains efficiently.

: I'm looking for a reliable vehicle for both work and leisure around Bristol. Is the N-Van a good choice?

Absolutely! The Honda N-Van’s blend of functional beauty, spaciousness, and safety features make it ideal for a range of activities in and around Bristol.